Seven Sugar Cubes

On 10th April, 1901, in Massachusetts, Dr. Duncan MacDougall set out to prove that the human soul had mass and was measurable. His findings concluded that the soul weighed 21 grams. When your mother phones to tell you that your father has died ten thousand… READ POEM »


Don’t look at the rosemary on the fridge Shelf—it will remind you of the lamb You cooked yesterday and how you Laughed at the notion of posting Next Sunday’s roast Down Under. Don’t think that staring at a television Screen will fill the void. The… READ POEM »

The Radiographer

Hear the buzzhum to catch those ghostly shadows Like a perfume plume you arrived in the world one Bloomsday – a button-nosed blonde with a mind of her own. You slept in a bed for a crib drank Coca Cola not infant milk had a… READ POEM »


So the editor wants to know why people are killing themselves. I’ll tell you why – because they are part of a revolution they know nothing about. Not a revolution with guns and knives but one in its strictest physical sense, the revolution of the… READ POEM »


Sit in your night chair and walk the morning streets of Canberra. Your cold kitchen’s silence is another hemisphere of warmth and chirping birds. With open laptop your virtual brother will retreat indoors, passing an orange tree, disconnecting the fruit for you to see. At… READ POEM »

You Have Become the Hand Rub of an Olympian

When your ashes return in a small wooden box, a brass plaque on top, there is no cord or record of attachment to anything or anyone. Somewhere a uterus is evacuating itself – a mass of patient vessels, surrendering and collapsing bereft of implantation, their… READ POEM »

Plenary Indulgence

Abrakedabra! and a plume of white smoke Habemus Papam We have a Pope! Through crimson curtains he emerges. Immaculate. Cassock and cape like fresh snow. The conclave gushes behind all blood red and sanguine. They are umbilical Connecting me to my grandmother who polished her front step… READ POEM »