Colligan Creative Retreat

Clodagh operates a part-time creative retreat just outside Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, in the southeast of Ireland, from where she writes. In an idyllic and tranquil setting, in the heart of the Colligan forest, the retreat is set beside the Colligan river, amidst the torrent of a salmon leap, deep pools and picturesque waterfalls. The retreat comprises thirteen acres of riverside land and a terrace of fully equipped and comfortable three bedroom cottages, that are available to rent, at certain times of the year. Perfect for writers and artists, either individually or in groups, the retreat offers a private and peaceful setting, yet is only a short drive from the bustling harbour town of Dungarvan, its newly opened Greenway, its award-winning restaurants and renowned beaches. Unlike many comparable retreats, Colligan has a living and breathing writing family at its heart, all of whom have an appreciation and respect for the creative process and the time, space and nature of support required by the writer and artist.

Construction of an on-site common room is scheduled for 2018/19, in order to facilitate larger masterclasses, workshops, readings and performances. The retreat has been the location for various successful artistic ventures in the past, including Poetry workshops, Arts Body  meetings, Waterford City and County Arts Office Creative Writing workshops , School and University creative groups, Overseas writers, Photography groups, Plein-air painting groups, Mid-summer musical performances, and Storyhouse Ireland’s inaugural writers’ week in April 2015.


For all enquiries, or for details of how to apply for the 2018 Inaugural “Winston’s Week” Writer’s Award, go to contacts page and please select the Colligan Creative Retreat option.


What our writers and artists have said:

“A deeply special place. A place of great wisdom and creativity.”

“There is a soft welcome here, a sense of the sacred, the honest, the real, the sincere.”

“No words can explain the uniqueness of this retreat. I once came here, on my own, with my two children – I attended a craft workshop in the morning. I cooked lunch, then wrote while they played, later walked the woods with them, cosied up by the stove with them, wrote some more after they went to bed. As a parent and a part-time writer, it anchored and supported me in a way that I have never found anywhere before.”

“One October, as I stood on the rocks by the Salmon Leap, a salmon arched over my head. Colligan is a magical place, for sure.”

Photos of Colligan Woods by Mick Kelly